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Azteca Internacional Used Tires

Over 30,000 Used Tires

We stock thousands of high quality used tires and recieve new shipments weekly.

25+ Years Experience

We know the used tire business and what it takes to succeed

Best Size Mix

We will get you 14" to 22" Good Size Mix. Passenger Car Tires and Truck Tires

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is based on tread depths ranging from 4/32nds to 80/32nds. We sell high quality used tires.

We only sell Quality Tires

We sell high quality used tires that are hand inspected and shined to ensure you receive a quality, saleable product

Customer Service

We always provide The Best Customer Service For the customers.

Due to a struggling economy, Consumer demand for quality used tires is undeniably strong and as a result, the used tire retail industry has been expanding steadily over the last several years. More and more tire dealers are realizing this and beginning to capitalize from this thriving market. If your tire shop could use a CONSISTENT, RELIABLE resource for QUALITY USED TIRES, we are interested in hearing from you.