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Azteca Internacional Inc. Wholesale Used Tires are one of the leading tire suppliers in Southern California. We are wholesalers of hand chosen used tires with top quality to fit your reselling needs. With 25 years experience, Our team will help you with the selection of the tire sizes you need.

We deliver container-load quantities of used tires. We offer a wide range of tire sizes as well as provide freight and customs documentation with competitive prices. We are the container load experts serving and Tire Wholesalers Worldwide.

If your company needs wholesale distribution , you can trust our team of experts. We're an Independantly owned and operated business. Azteca Internacional Inc. is a certified worldwide distribution center with a well knowledgable staff who can assist you with all your wholesale tire needs.

Azteca Internacional supplies all major brand tires, original equipment tires, and most private brand tires.

We specialize in unusual and hard to find tires! Most sizes and brands in stock or available for immediate shipment!

Due to a struggling economy, Consumer demand for quality used tires is undeniably strong and as a result, the used tire retail industry has been expanding steadily over the last several years. More and more tire dealers are realizing this and beginning to capitalize from this thriving market. If your tire shop could use a CONSISTENT, RELIABLE resource for QUALITY USED TIRES, we are interested in hearing from you.